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And still after all this time, the sun has never said, to the earth. “You owe me.” Look what happens with love like that; it lights up the sky.
~ Rumi

When home is still here and we aren’t

ప్రియ శరణార్థీ! నా జీవితం ఇలా నడవనీ..

The mother of all emotions

Why darkness can be a gift

Dear Refugee, my life must go on

The many predicaments of a single woman


To my Estranged One

Yours Singularly

Perceiving my anthropology

Child bearers of the world

Tea Rings

Love made me do it

Temples in our Hearts


Are you a mother?

I can muse a poem

The Emigrant’s Anthem


The Wishing Well and An Empty Tummy..

Still standing, still standing..

Like a dry flower in my diary..

An Affair with Vanity..


Vultures don’t soar high..

Festival of Lights

On a rainy day

Life’s precious dream

Mother’s night out

In love with life

In a still moment…

In loving memories..       


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