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* Humanity *

The Modern Family and The Marital Adversity

On Diversity and Collaboration

March for Science, 2017 – What the signs didn’t say

Compassion takes a road trip..

When hearts bleed, stones melt..

* Productivity *

Let’s do something meaningful, no not Facebook

Focus: The new age currency

Want to thrive in life? Start a journal.

Pick up grit on the way to greatness


Want to transcend the plight of life? Meditate.

* Parenting *

How to raise Generation Z in a Postfigurative society

Hyper-connected me :-) Dis connected progeny :-(

* Satire *

His mother’s open letter to Assad

A krash kourse on The Kardashians

Secrets of your unsuccess

26 Awesome Moments for Indian-Americans during #ModiInAmerica

How.to.write.. (NOT): Broadcast II

JERRY SANDUSKY – The poke; A satirical comedy

How.to.write.. (NOT)

Humor: A Gross Domestic Product

Plan B… ?! Doesn’t work, Sorry!!

Shock and Raw!

Joel Stein, this won’t hurt a bit!!

* Spirituality *

How to be a Hindu in 6 easy steps

Want to transcend the plight of life? Meditate.

An Epiphany of the future.. !!!

The high road is often less traveled..

Esprit D’Escalier

A Soapy Matter..

Working Mom: Existing remotely.. !

Manualation.. Yes, please!!

I miss my friends!!

Good read — A myth??

Daddy and me..

Trail mix – A way of life.. !

To work or not to??

Love for all the little things..

Life….. Brought to you by texts and emails!!

Money Saving Tip – 2

A long one-sided conversation…

Scrambling an egg – The theory behind it

Money Saving Tip – 1

My mental space!

Long time no see..

Getting back to normalcy…??

Keep giving.. It works both ways!

A depressing diaper bag tale

Blind faith

Ga ga and the drool factor!!

Dream catcher – A daily dream story

Flawless parenting

Innocence is bliss!

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