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Tag line: On how it feels to live. 

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Jun, 2017: Hebrew 6:19 – Hope is the anchor to the soul

May, 2017: The Indian American moms weekly review – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Apr, 2017: On how it feels to have a daughter

Apr, 2017: Why I fell off the Workforce treadmill

Apr, 2017: Bibliomania: Beg, borrow or buy – II

Mar, 2017: Thoughts that changed this life

Mar, 2017: Bibliomania: Beg, borrow or buy

Feb, 2017: Cruising through Cozumel, Mexico – Dec, 2016

Jan, 2017: When the Indian American mom goes to Dirty Sixth



Nov, 2016: Want to transcend the plight of life? Meditate.

Nov, 2016: Hyper-connected me :-) Dis connected progeny :-(

July, 2016: India 2016: My village’s point of view

March, 2016: Words that changed this life..

March, 2016: Who on earth are you?!

February, 2016If Oreos were pets

January, 2016Where the mind is free



November, 2015What’s wrong witchuu?

September, 2015Once in a while, listen to those throaty crickets [Pictures]

September, 2015Stirring the melting pot of London [Pictures]

August, 2015: Karma Yoga and the secrets to Inner Transformation

June, 2015: An Indian Summer Wedding Circa 2015 [Pictures]

April, 2015Sustenance on Aruba’s geology – April, 2015 [Pictures]

March, 2015Teaching the Law of Dharma to the ISIS

February, 2015: The UBER app and it’s human heart beat

January, 2015Now



December, 2014The 2014 Indian-American Documentary [Pictures]

November, 2014At home, in America

November, 2014When the Indian-American mom goes clubbing

October, 2014The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2044 – Acceptance Speech

September, 2014What Indian-American moms are really thinking when they watch Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda



October, 2010: The Indian-American mom with a Pizza predicament

August, 2010: An Epiphany of the future.. !!!

February, 2010: A day in the life of a hacker..

January, 2010: The Philosopher in the Arm Chair and The LOL Crowd

January, 2010: I Rock and the Boy Genius..


November, 2009: For an Indian-American, life is a Layover

December, 2008: A connection to the heart

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