The Emigrant’s Anthem

* * *


Pursuing dreams,
First steps

Beckoning opportunities,
Across oceans

Proud sacrifices,
Glistening eyes


Anxious freedom,
Fertile memories

Loyal sentiments,
Burning dedication

Liberating happiness,
Humbled notions


Defending values,
Honoring liberty

Blood brothers,
Family bonds

Tranquil tragedies,
Balancing obligations

Wistful reflections,
Longing hearts


Thankful faith,
Expatriate love

Political fervor,
Distracted outrage

Whimsical curiosity,
Restless schadenfreude

Guilty contentment,
Righteous equality

Nurturing lives,
Thirsty hopes

Global citizens,
Rejoicing fortunes


Home soil,
Vulnerable thoughts

My home,
My country


Six feet under,
Hand still on heart..

* * *

Composed on 07/21/2014

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