Little Mo and the Shooting Star

Blog Carnival - Little Mo and the Shooting Star



* * *

This is the story of Mo. Mo is his name and it is short for Moksh. Mo is a happy little dude.

But lately he was worried. That night was Christmas eve. Staring into the sky, he sobbed silently. Next to him was his favorite stuffed turtle Coca.

Suddenly he saw something that he thought was a shooting star in the sky. He was 8 but he knew what it was, momma had told him, that when you see it and wish for something, you get what you want. So he closed his eyes and wished for a lot of things. He did not have enough time to think of just one must-have, so he prayed for everything.

Home during Christmas
Home during Christmas

The next morning, he did not remember most of what he asked for, but he thought he would wait and see. Santa was too busy and he had very little money for all the kids in the world momma said, but she had also told him that he was a very kind man and he always tried his best. Mo did not know what to make of it.

He crept under the Christmas tree and cleared the lighting to find his most favorite Transformer Bumble Bee standing there inside the yellow wrapping paper. He quickly finished breakfast and played with him all morning. Coca sat in the middle of the living room and watched as Mo thumped and jumped the car on him repeatedly.

The Transformers - Bumblebee
The Transformers – Bumblebee

Mommy gave him his favorite foods to eat, she did not seem to insist on anything, just his regular best foods, fruit snack, chocolate milk, an oatmeal bar, and a cheese toast for lunch?! He was amused. No big, funny looking veggie kebabs or thick spicy chicken pieces. He seemed to like his day.

In the afternoon as he grew tired, he asked if he could go to the zoo instead of taking of the nap. No one ordered him to get under the sheets, they just picked  him up, Bumble Bee and Coca and rushed to the zoo. The giraffes, the elephant and the tiny grasshopper on his jacket were amazing enough to keep him occupied. The thought of getting dragged to a Botanical garden and long waits in lines did cross his mind, so this one seemed to be a special day! And the best part, there were no rules!

Later, Daddy suggested that they should eat out on Christmas, but what was to be open on such a holiday?! One quick check and he found that there was a Disney show at the local Arena with cheese pizza dinner for kids.

Disney on Ice - Toy Story 3
Disney on Ice – Toy Story 3

At the show, Mo asked, “Daddy, can I ask Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head to come home?! It will be so much fun!”

“Yes, of course honey, why don’t we go backstage after the show and invite them for a bed time story!”

Sure enough, they had to make space for Mr and Mrs. Potato Head in their car to drive them home.

Mo wondered if there was that one chore that he was supposed to do before bed time every night, waiting for him at home. Like yesterday, he had to bring the BIG hand soap bottle from the bathroom cupboard and set it up next to the sink for mommy to fill it up in her small bottle. He still remembered how heavy it was!

At home, there was no TV! He was feeling sad, when someone knocked on the door and started setting up some stuff of their own at the fire place! The magician was here and he told them great stories.. Later he gave them lots of colors and paper to paint with! His younger brother and he painted a lot and messed up their pajamas. Still nothing, every one seemed to be pleased with them!

The Magician
The Magician and his puppets

The grandparents who were visiting were obviously pleased as always, but the daddy and the mommy seemed to enjoy the mess this time around.

Soon, it felt like it was time to go to bed. Mo offered to check into his room without much prodding.

Lioness M
Lioness M: Mo gets little brother’s help to paint

“Did you have a great day Mo?!”

“Yes Daddy! Daddy, do you know what I can do?! I can say, One, two and three up to Ten in Spanish! UNO DOS TRES CUATRO CINCO SEIS SIETE OCHO NUEVE DIEZ .. “

In one breath! Ah!

“Great, that’s lovely Mo! Did Ms. Massey teach you that?!”

“No daddy, Hunter did! He is from Puerto Rico! Daddy, can we go to Puerto Rico?!”

Puerto Rico
Holidays in Puerto Rico

“Yes, of course, I will book a cruise tomorrow and we all can go!
Now, you go to sleep because the doctor called and now they have your favorite orange color cast ready (for your broken right arm). He told me they can put it on you tomorrow if you can be there early.”

And off he went, his small inflatable tent waiting for him in his room. It was going to be his makeshift home for that night, and the glow stars on its roof made for a perfect night! Mo soon went to sleep smiling.. Tucked in between his favorite Coca and his new best favorite Bumble Bee.

Now, do you all remember the shooting star that night?!
Santa was on his sledge flying from one home to another, delivering his packages and gifts to all the kids of the world. And when Mo saw him up in the sky he mistook him for a shooting star! Santa figured out what would be the best toy for him, so he got him one!

Do you know what Mo got?!
A dream catcher..!!



Dream big and persevere.. And, you can be a Rock Star if you want to be!

Good night kiddos!

Sun rays and the Dreamcatcher
Sun rays and the Dreamcatcher

The story ends here, but the Dream catcher comes with an expiry date, the kids figure it out eventually as schools reopen and rules get enforced as usual – Home and school, there is no escape! :) However, they don’t stop dreaming, and this time, they just wish for their next dream holiday to come by sooner.. !!

Wikipedia says, “Luscious dreams pass through the center hole to the sleeping person. The bad dreams are trapped in the web, where they perish in the light of dawn.” The DREAM CATCHER has been recently made popular in populist culture by some New Age groups..

School and Grades
School and Grades


This story is submitted for the Blog Carnival for Bloggers, December 2010, Edition 7, hosted by Shafali, the Caricaturist! Thanks Shafali!

With love,
Heart ™


Description of the Puerto Rico pictures:
1. Scientists gather at The Arecibo Observatory: Home to the largest single-aperture telescope ever constructed;
2. El Yunque National Forest: Average rainfall yields 160 billion gallons (605 billion liters) annually;
3. FELICIDADES: Spanish Best Wishes

* * *


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  1. This was an exciting and creative story Rachana!

    I had two train of thoughts while reading this, them being;

    1) Jeeze, how spoiled could a kid be??

    2) Wow, quite a fascinating dream.

    It turned out to be a dream after all, and within this post holds the important meaning of dreams, which is to inspire us to create a world where there are no rules, where there are no boundaries, a world where you could ask your father for a trip to Puerto Rico and he’d say “Sure, let’s go tomorrow”. Reality can be difficult for some, and that is why individuals choose coping mechanisms (some healthy, some not) to deal with their lost dreams, but I don’t think their dreams are lost because of unrealistic ideas, I think it’s because as we get older, we are told to let go of dreams, to let go of the thought of a peaceful world, to forget any hopes you’ve had for being what you wanted to be and just “Settle for what’s given to you”. I believe it’s the aspect of “growing up” which is what makes us lose sight of what we truly wanted. People say a child is wrong to believe in a world where everyone is happy and everyday is filled with joy and experiences to please the senses, but I believe it’s the adults who are wrong to think that things will never change.

    Sorry for getting all humanistic on your Christmas post.

    I enjoyed this post Rachana, as always you do not disappoint, and thanks for including me in the post (we all know Mo is really short for Mojo, haha :).

    I also enjoy how you include aspects of your own life and experiences in here (such as the transformer toy you had mentioned when you got back home), I believe it makes the post that much more meaningful.

    Happy New Years Rachana!

    Mr. Mojo Risin

    (P.S. any resolutions?)

    • 1. Mojo, this post was created for my children and all children, but I knew that no child will be commenting here and would only have to be read this story out aloud. So, every animated movie, every story book seems to have a moral behind it, to do good, be good, think good – but I just wanted to create a story for my son(s), where he would just fill with wonder by hearing it! :)
      When you say, “we are told to let go of dreams, to let go of the thought of a peaceful world, to forget any hopes you’ve had for being what you wanted to be and just “Settle for what’s given to you”.”, you bring tears to my eyes. So true!
      2. “Mo”.. That’s you ;)
      3. Resolutions: Sleep, health and family – in that order of top 3 in a short list of Top 10 for this year!
      Thanks for choosing to give me feedback, hope you are enjoying the rest of your vacation!

      • You’re right Rachana, I’m glad you wrote such a wonderful story for your children, they will love it! Even at my age I couldn’t help but allow my imagination to take over while reading.

        It is true, now this brings up a question, what did you want to be as a child? Do you still have those same hopes and dreams?

        Those resolutions are great, and the best thing about them, they can all be enjoyed at once, resting to restore health and getting to enjoy the time with family while doing so :).

        I’m enjoying my vacation (don’t want it to end!)

        I hope you are getting plenty of rest, say hello to your family for me :).

  2. Wonderful story, Rachana. A Dream Catcher. Wow! I wish I could get a Dream Catcher for Christmas – and I won’t mind if it came with an expiry date:) I read through Mr. Mojo’s interpretations of your story – and I really liked the one about dreams inspiring us to create a world without boundaries and without rules. We know that it’s mighty difficult to sustain if not create a world without boundaries (it would lead to chaos, because you can’t expect every human to interpret everything in the exact same way and then respond in a way that’s found acceptable by everyone else…) yet, we can dream:)

    Thanks again for a wonderful story.

    Wish you a very Happy and Creative New Year.


    • Ah so you are the artist behind this, I must say you are very talented Shafali. I can only envy your ability to create such art. I can only imagine how mind-blowing your other work is on your blog, but sadly it is late and I must prepare for the Pacific countdown to the new year. You have a gift my friend, always remember that :).

      Mr. Mojo Risin

    • I thank you for letting me use your Caricature Shafali.. I am always at awe at how a few of you are so gifted beyond my wildest imaginations.. I keep telling Leslie, a great painter and a blogger friend, she does something that I cannot even do in my dreams! :)
      I like your idea of dreams with responsibilities attached.. :)
      Again, thanks for the Carnival idea and complimenting my story with your picture :)
      Happy Creative year to you too!

  3. Hurrah! Rachana, your story describes what it will be like when we are finished with our bodies. We will simply think whatever and wherever we want. I’m going to share a video link on one of my next posts – done by a woman who actually died, came back and was able to remember all sorts of stuff. She came back specifically to share the types of insights like that one. She is a Medical Lawyer – no dummy.

    Shafali’s caricatures are beginning to feel like family.

    • I visited you this morning and needlessly to say, I couldn’t stop reading..! Thanks for the inspiring pieces.. Amy, when I wrote this piece, I did not know what people thought of dreams and how people defined them in their lives.. Now, when I read all the comments, I think everyone has hopes and dreams, however small or big that make them what they are today.. We struggle to cope with impressing our immediate family, by following norm, but never seem to lose sight of what we really want.. ! Thanks for 2010, and this year I hope to see if you will yield to inner pressure and digress and write about all things SOUL-less! ;)
      And most importantly, thanks for introducing Shafali :)

  4. Are you a professional children’s story writer?
    It seems to me you could be Heart.

    • Poch, thanks for those words, I am not sure about the “production” quality of the pictures.. You know what I mean?! I did not want to hurt the readers’ eyes with glaring color pictures :)) Apart from Shafali’s original caricature, I did not have anything that would go with them.. Of course, I wanted to emboss or caricature them too with use of photoshop, but did not have the time to.. You read so much, it means a lot that you write this way! Thank you!
      I think, I read on Dood’s site that you start work on the 10th, I will think of you then and want to wish that you the best!
      On a serious note, stay out of political trouble ;)

  5. That was a lovely story Rachana!

    I was on the edge of my seat!

    • Hi Fiona, thanks for taking time out and visiting!! Thank you for the feedback, I am glad you liked the story! I saw your holiday pictures and man O man, you had some awesome silly fun! :D
      Wishing you and the kiddos a wonderful, fun filled and stress free year – ALL YEAR!

  6. Rachana. This story could easily be a children’s book. Loved it.
    Shafali. I love that illustration!
    Happy New Year to both of you and may all your dreams come true!

    • Thank you Leslie, you encourage me and I aspire to write a Spring/Fall poem on your paintings one day! Of course, Stephen does them so well too :)
      Thank you for the wishes, and just like you Shafali is one heck of an artist.. Ahem, my French is awful ;)

  7. That’s a lovely story, Rachana!
    I could also imagine it in a children’s book.

    Sorry, if I take this away now to another level, i.e. to our everyday lives (I just can’t resist):
    But just imagine all dreams came true without doing much for it? At some stage we would take it for granted.
    It’s the human nature to desire more and more. There is no end.
    We need dreams to thrive on, we need goals to achieve. If we knew we’d get everything we want anyway, we would become spoiled and bored.

    Many times in our life the decisive boundary is our lack of will to do something, the doubt to believe in oneself.

    IMHO one has two possibilites:
    Either live the life that others/the society expect(s) from you – this is the easy, comfortable way of the majority that avoids obstacles.
    Or you live the life that YOU want, forgetting about thoughts like “but what will my neighbors say?”, “what will the others think of me?”, “people will think I am crazy”.
    It’s actually the choice between leading a life directed by others or leading a self-determined life.
    If one chooses the latter variant, it is harder, but one has more freedom to achieve ones goals.

    However, now the big BUT:
    BUT, how many of our wishes are really, really necessary?
    If you are in pain, simply the state of being without pain would make us absolutely happy and content.
    If you are about to starve, a simple slice of bread would be a feast for you.
    If you are homeless, a tiny room to live in would be heaven.

    So everything is relative: when you learn to be content and happy with what you have and when you realize that every “unnecessary good” leads to the wish for more and more, than you’ll find out that there are only a few basic things necessary for a happy life:
    Friends/love, freedom, food/drink, shelter.
    It is certainly _not_ a necklace, an expensive watch, a huge car or a mansion with 20 bedrooms in it.
    But that is what industry/media/society want to make us believe. “He/she has it, I want it, too.”
    But is that freedom?

    Have a good start in the New Year, Rachana!

    • Hey Foto, in my Psych class, we covered the Exitentialist viewpoint and personality, and the concept brought upon those specific Psychologists regarding freedom is that, there are decisions you must make in life, such as you said, to live for you or to live for what others expect, but they believe it’s the ability to be able to stop and think about the options before making the decision is what truly makes us free.

      Just thought I’d throw my two cents in :).

      • Mojo, on one discussion about time management and blogging, a wise lady told me yesterday.. “The more mindful we are of the choices we make in life . . . the better choices we make.”
        I was thinking about it the whole day.. It is an addendum to what you say here.. The freedom to choose should come with an ability to think and act.. Great point!

    • I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your analysis, Timo! I have read it 10 times over 5 days, and I am so glad for your insight.. You have some great points, and added to that there is a significance of time attached to all our desires and needs..! What I longed for 6 months ago – half of them I don’t remember and the rest of them I don’t want anymore.. :)
      The idea of your theory of relativity here is so strong.. I recently read a fellow blogger’s post which went on similar lines of Jealousy and greed.. Why should dreams for one’s future well-being sometimes fueled by unnecessary greed?
      Thanks for your take, and hope you don’t switch into writing from your fabulous photography.. My readers might follow.. Ha ha.

  8. This is a fantastic story.
    I knew it was too good to be true though. lol.
    On saying that dreams at the time can seem so real.
    An amazing gift

    • Richard, it is so nice to meet you! Thanks for dropping by, I would also call you “Talented man” just like how Amy chose to refer to you :)
      You cracked me up with your humor, but I like how you have a bottom line! Thanks for all the creativity you show us!
      See you around Mr.!

  9. Oh, this is delicious, Rachana! I enjoyed every word, being a born dreamer :-) So here’s to dreaming, you lovely lady, XO

    • Thanks Naomi! Sorry, this week has been crammed, I haven’t been able to reply sooner.. Oh, well – the first week of 2011, I am already asking for excuses.. :D
      Thanks, I keep in loop with folks like you – especially eager to see what you are up to next, so I can set a higher standard with my dreaming.. Of course, there is the added bonus of knowing a little bit of South African culture every time ;) Thank you for stopping by and the encouragement!!
      Have a great weekend!

  10. I am getting used to having to re-read your posts few times to settle my thoughts and emotions provoked by them ;-)

    You stopped me in my tracks when I first read about the doctor’s call! I suddenly felt so sorry for Mo as I had imagined some dreadful thing have happened, like being diagnosed with cancer and his dad was about to burst in tears after the day long attempt to make Mo happy didn’t help forget for a moment his life was limited :-( Luckily, this being a children’s story, you chose a lot less dreadful ending!

    Being able to force emotions in people through stories is great power and you always manage it so skilfully!

    Btw, you forced me to recall what was the most common thing I dreamed about as a young boy! While there may have been the ocasional toy in there, the top dream seems to have always been to become an adult! It is a pitty we want to become adults so badly as kids, just to long for childhood as we grow up :-( I guess telling stories to our kids and trying some childlike (not to be confused with childish;)) behavior from time to time is the best we can do to get us closer to our new dream ;-)

    Happy New Year to you and your family Rachana! I am looking forward to great many new stories from you in 2011! ;-)

    • Thanks Kima, I was surprised to see your interpretation of the story.. One on side, I feel sad that I have tortured your heart so much that you could not expect a decently happy ending to my story.. ! But, for a writer that is a good thing you say.. ! ;)
      I thoroughly enjoyed your last post about your childhood.. I think you selected the perfect post for kicking off the new year! Also, until now, I thought, “we want to become adults so badly as kids, just to long for childhood as we grow up..”, those feelings were very cultural and only I heard/felt of it growing up.. I realize how silly to feel that way :)
      I am catching up on a lot of your recommendations, but I am now reading the “Teaching as an act of love” – it promises a lot of tips for parents to help their kids develop a love of reading! It is an amazing read! As Mr.Lakin develops his story from mid 60s, there are so many things to learn.. Thanks, if there is only one book that I want to read now, this one will be it.. Our family at home has been familiarizing ourselves with the world of homework and reading comprehensions.. on a daily basis.. :) Parenting feels real NOW!
      Talk to you soon!

      • Maybe it is just me, but I like when a story plays with my emotions! ;-) And if your intention was not to torture people like me, it may be that some stories just take a life on their own in the readers’ heads ;-)

        You’d be pleased to know that my post about my childhood experiences & their impact on how I approach my children’s learning earned me an invitation to join a great group of forward thinking teachers blogging their ideas and discussing what changes are required in education at

        Beside the honor to provide parent’s voice to the discussion, it is interesting to blog in a different context from my personal blog ;-)

        Btw, I am busy on many fronts, which makes my reading suffer so I didn’t have a chance to go beyond the first few pages of “Teaching as an act of love”, but your comment motivated me to prioritize it! ;-)

        • Ha ha, sorry for adding a few more “tasks” to your already busy schedule! Read the book, but I have bookmarked a few ideas, which I can mail you, no issues about that..! Specifically the page where it says, how NOT to encourage your child to learn reading.. etc .. :D
          I checked out your post at COOPCATALYST! Thanks for the introduction and I would say, great post to kick off your debut on a great platform.. ! Kima, sometimes little ones make for great teachers. And in our case, our little ones are leading us on a great journey :D I think this post will be a great addition to your original post! Congratulations and hope you write more and more.. Boy, I will not call myself a multi-tasker again, I promise ;)
          Have a wonderful day!

          • “I have bookmarked a few ideas, which I can mail you” Is this the spoon-feeding (pun intended), protective parent speaking? ;-)

            Btw, I hope you change your mind about the multi-tasking … looking at yourself as such helps you accepting the challenges instead of complaining being too busy :-D

            • Thanks, this year 2011, and only 11 days so far.. Seems to me when I intend to take everything at a slow pace, there seems to be naturally time for everything.. :) It will be a difficult try – not to multitask, when I am tuned myself to not think of just one thing at any given point of time.. ;) BTW, good going on the new blog Mr.! Waiting to see how the year unfolds for you too!!

      • I was too quick to hit Post as I wanted to add this re: world of homework

        When I was growing up, my parents always told me “Listen to the teacher!” We started like that with our older daughter too, but shortly after we stopped and asked ourselves “Why should she listen to her? Did she prove herself capable to lead our daughter in her learning? Did she won a Nobel Prize? Why should she not think critically and even question what the teacher says if something doesn’t seem reasonable?” We still say “Pay attention to the teacher,” but now we add “and think for yourself if you’d accept that or would rather do it differently!” The same applies to homework — it makes sense only if it enhances the learning!

        I hope my education ruminations make sense to you or at least you find them amusing! ;-)

        • Both, actually.. Amusing, because of the use of “Nobel Prize”.. That is one heck of a standard to set for an Elementary teacher.. j/k
          And the reason why I had to tweak the phrase, “Listen everything the teacher says” was because Ky would sing the entire song “Twinkle Twinkle little star..” while washing his hands after-you-know-what and turn off the faucet only after the song was complete.. :( .. BECAUSE HIS TEACHER SAID SO.. !
          Everyone has his or her own parental “cause” ;)
          Thanks for the tips Kima :)

          • LOL … love the Twinkle Twinkle story ;-) … it looks like your “cause” is to stop the teacher from the eco-damage he’s causing by all the wasted water ;-) … luckily for us, nothing of the sorts was sent our way from a teacher, but there are still various small things that are annoying and force us to unlearn them :-D

  11. Hello Rachana Ji,

    Great story with tremendous depth and a potential to be interpreted in many different ways. I wanted to write a story for the Caricature too but it was so cold that my thoughts froze.

    I floated over to your blog because I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to reboot my blog. Thank you. I also wanted to tell you that I’ve got myself on Facebook (despite the reservations I had.) If you are on Facebook, I’d like to your FB Friend.

    Wish you the best for the New Year.
    Gorakh Nath.

    • The parents are in Delhi, so I can totally relate to the cold.. Yikes, heard that it is colder than the likes of places like Shimla and this year. Ha! What was that again, global warming, we have to wait for summer to come around for that one now :D
      And thanks for saying what you are saying.. The credit for the thought definitely goes to Shafali, both for the story and for introducing you guys!!
      Good luck with your new Creative year 2011, hope to read and tease more.. :P
      Facebook and Gorakh Nath Ji? – I have heard now FB is targeting the age demographic of 50 and above, after having saturated teens and 20’s.. Now I know you how you got hooked on it.. ;)
      Will add you soon!

  12. Nice story, I enjoyed it.
    Maybe you should self-publish it.
    Try, I’ve used them before. It’s pretty easy.

    • Dood, thanks for visiting and reading! It is so nice to see you write in spite of your busy schedule.. ! Thanks for your encouragement, but I might not have the capacity/bandwidth to go PRO – read health, commitment to the kids, and an absolute desire for the obscure life.. :) And with sooooooooooo many talented writers out there – including you, I think I will have to walk the earth twice on its circumference to get my chance in the long list of the deserving..
      The joy of discovering someone from obscurity loses its potency once millions of other people dissolves the strength of that high. “.. A journalist friend recently wrote on her blog while describing her love for obscure musicians.. I MIGHT want to keep it that way..
      Thanks so much, it is to say,
      1. Your comment is the best one of all I have received in my blog life.. Shhhh.. it’s a secret!
      2. I will not stop counting the comments every night and put them back in the treasure box before going back to bed.. !

  13. Hi, Rachana! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and warmes regards and best wishes for 2011.

    This is completly charming from start to finish and including Shafali’s illistration. Thank you both. The child me found so much pleasure here. Had I grandchildren, I would be reading this to them right now.

    Interesting how this delighful “children’s story” generated so much interesting conversation.

    May you be the eternal dream catcher and your muse the eternal dream spinner.

    Write on …


    • Thanks Jamie, I wanted to start off the new year with some positive topics.. Hope and dreams.. :)
      Thanks for staying with me, and thank you for your kind words of encouragement, always!
      Hope your 2011 is as great as all the causes you fight and write for,

  14. Scent of my heart January 5, 2011 — 2:11 pm

    A dream catcher … let anyone of us have one like it! Best wishes for the new year Rachana! Great story with hope to start 2011! Be happy!

    • Thank you for your wishes Blaga! I like how you say, be happy, another blogger that I recently wished everyone to have “Enough”.. I like how creative we all are in our own way while making wishes for others! :)
      Hope you are having a great start to the year as well.. Thanks for stopping by to read!
      Who knows what life has in store for you.. Maybe a dream catcher?!
      Ha ha..

  15. Great story Rachana, and what a special gift for your children. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hey Rachana~great story as always! I love how you are very creative and inspiring in all your work. I also love that you never try to overcomplecate the deeper meaning of things… the way you lay them out is just perfect and a delight to read :)
    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks for the wishes Lisa.. :) When I read your comment, I thought, “That was cool!” So, there I put it for you to see.. Thanks so much for your readership!
      I have bookmarked your Christmas post because I want to read it further and understand how you celebrated your holidays in childhood..!! You will hear from me soon :D

  17. Hi Rachana,

    As always, your story is very enjoyable to read again and again and again !!! Kids are very honest human beings. Their hearts are pure. I once told my 4-year old son to stop bothering me ( i thought he did it on purpose ) when he kept on yawning in front of my face ( i was doing my work ). He said ” i didn’t do it, the mouth opens itself up “. He meant what he said :-) . I understand that Walt Disney started it from a dream ?

    • FonZ, your son is too cute!! Must be fun raising him :) I remember my days as a teenager, when I saw my 4 year old niece shaking her head to say NO over the phone instead of saying it aloud to her mommy who was on the other end.. Our family has so much fun thinking of all such cute little things now, it is amazing! Your feedback is always something that gives another angle to my stories.. Thank you!! :D And yes, I have heard that too, thanks to Walt Disney’s dream, we all get to experience dream land for at least one day and with a ticket.. !!
      Thank you for your time and have a great day!

  18. Just stopped by to check for a new post and to say “hi.” Hope you and yours are staying warm and dry where you are.

    Blessings …

    • Thanks Jamie, HI, right back at ya.. :) This weekend, I will be making an attempt at a personal story with the collaboration of someone special!
      Thanks for checking, hope to present it to everyone soon! And, I thoroughly appreciate your readership..

  19. It was a very nice story told with affection and innocence and aptly complimented by Shafali’s artwork. I am always fascinated by dreams, the effect they have on our lives, and their complexity. And after seeing Inception, I can’t stop thinking about dreams.

    • Ajay, thank you for visiting, a pleasure..! I see you are regular at Shafali’s, so I am not surprised that you enjoy her artwork wherever it is! See, that was my plan ;)
      I haven’t heard of Inception until now, and Wiki says it is “inspired by concepts of lucid dreaming and dream incubation.” So, I am sure it must be a great movie!! Heck, for that matter, I will just watch it for DiCaprio.. :)
      Hope I will get to read few of your works and have the honor of writing the 51st comment on your post soon :D

  20. Aw that’s a sweet story :)

    My late friend gave me a dreamcatcher when she came back from holidaying somewhere and it hangs on a mirror in the hall near the kitchen. I have some coloured crystals and an artificial plant so made a little shrine!

    • Susan,
      Thanks for giving a perspective to my story.. I imagine the mirror as I write, you are that good with words my writer friend.. Apologize for not being able to respond earlier, I promise to make my visits and writing schedules much more predictable going forward.
      Thanks and good day,

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