Compassion takes a road trip..

.. A long winding one..

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How are you all?!?!

I had deliberated just a little bit whether to post or not today as per my regular Sunday late night schedule :)

It is festive mood all around, and what better way to spend the holiday season (here in the US and everywhere in the world!) with a few familiar faces instead of with our computers.. ;) And as “Indians” we have to celebrate says the Kindergartner at home.. Before the situation gets tricky, I have to download the list of things to buy for ‘the feast’.. :))


Happy Thanksgiving

Coming up next Sunday: The story of Pat and Chad and their heartwarming love story.. Of love, hope, belief and war.. Stay tuned!

Thanks for all the support and the love, hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!

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  1. TheIdiotSpeaketh says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Heart! Have a happy and safe week. :)

    • Heart says:

      Hello Idiot! Thanks for the wishes, hope you have a great Thanksgiving too.. Don’t bother the wife too much about feeding you, let her take it easy.. ;)
      See you around!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and from me! Be blessed!

    • Heart says:

      Thanks Blaga for the wishes, you are such a dreamer missy! :D Hope you have a wonderful festive rest-of-the-year season!

  3. Hey Heart,
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Take care of those kiddos!

  4. pochp says:

    Nice to see you back Heart. I hope you find more time for writing. Happy Thanksgiving to India and everybody!

    • Heart says:

      Thanks Poch for your encouraging words, appreciate that as always! I would love to change my writing schedule and be more frequent.. Hope I will be able to do that in the coming future. So many “drafts” that I want to clean up and present to you and my other readers!
      Thanks for speaking your mind, it is refreshing!

  5. Slamdunk says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I can’t believe the holiday is here already.

    • Heart says:

      Lovely time of the year, isn’t it SD?! Thanks for checking in, hope you can take a break from your blogging and researching too! Yesterday I wanted to tell you that whenever I get onto the husband’s nerves, he also says, “You have a blog to write, don’t you?!” Are the spouses happier, that we are not after them thanks to our blogs.. ;)

  6. kima says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Rachana!

    For some reason Thanksgiving reminds me of a holiday back in my country that upon reflection would be a great opportunity for strengthening compassion within the family, if practiced regularly!

    A literal translation of the name in English would be Forgiving Day I guess … it was a day when the family gathers and forgives each other for the bad stuff they may have said and done through the year

    ok, I romanticized it a bit ;-)

    The truth, as far as I could recall, is that there was a hierarchy in the forgiveness, as the older members would give forgiveness to the younger ones, but not vice versa … I guess the assumption was that the older you get the greater the chances for becoming morally perfect?!

    I like the romantic version with no hierarchies ;-)

    I hope you’re enjoying the time with your family and practicing forgiveness!


    • Heart says:

      Thanks for the wishes Kima, I am a thorough romantic at heart, thanks to my mother I have tried to imbibe some principle of Romanticism myself :)
      I think a dormant, much subdued part of our hearts actually “forgive” our parents and elders for what we had thought as atrocities towards us in our teen years.. Ha ha.. So, I guess the forgiveness festival was meant to deliver both ways, albeit unseen.. ;)
      Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

      • kima says:

        I found this from Seth Godin’s blog catering to my romantic heart, and I suspect yours too ;-)

        Wherever you are, you could celebrate Thanksgiving today.

        Not the Thanksgiving of a bountiful harvest before the long winter, the holiday of pilgrims and pie. That’s a holiday of scarcity averted. I’m imagining something else…

        A modern Thanksgiving would celebrate two things:

        The people in our lives who give us the support and love we need to make a difference, and…

        The opportunity to build something bigger than ourselves, something worth contributing. The ability to make connections, to lend a hand, to invent and create.

        There are more of both now than there have ever been before. For me, for you, for just about all of us.

        Copied from

        Enjoy the time with your family!!

        • Heart says:

          I think this guy Seth actually speaks our minds perfectly Kima, thanks for the forward.. liked the modern definition of TG, definitely has a very contemporary feel to the post, short, crisp and to the point! I have started digging into Typepad lately and have found some interesting sites myself.. Hope you are looking forward to a great holiday season!

  7. souldipper says:

    May you find the food that best serves a celebration of giving thanks for your family. Look forward to hearing from you again soon, Rachana.

    • Heart says:

      Hi Amy! Thanks, a little part of those festivities will have to be the food for thought that you always give us..
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!!!

  8. Jingle says:

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    lovely message you have there

    • Heart says:

      Thanks Jingle! Hope you are doing well and just being the lovely awesome yourself!!
      Wish you and your family a great holiday season!

  9. Posky says:

    I’ll be looking out for when you get more time to write. I’m also curious as to what kind of eats you’re going to have for the holidays.

    I basically just eat potatoes and cheese in multiple forms.

    • Heart says:

      Posky, It is an honor and great that you visit! Thanks so much for stopping by.. And thanks for the sweet words, I try, and someday hope to use your not-so-funny, but super funny cartoons for my writings! As far as eats go, on the last and final holiday, Sunday, I predict the son who has quickly learnt to talk back will question me, “You keep on feeding me Indian food, when can I have guacamole and chips momma.. ?!” So you know now what we eat in multiple forms.. :) Looking forward to staying in touch, thanks!

  10. Many blessings to you as we celebrate Thanksgiving. You are wise to take a little break. I should too.

    • Heart says:

      Thanks Victoria for your visit. Thanks for all the underdog poetry that you write, there is so much of compassion there on your site!
      Hope you have a restful holiday!

  11. theextinctexistentialist says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Looking forward to your next post.

    • Heart says:

      Thanks for the wishes, EE! And thanks for your warm note, just what I need for these holidays, appreciate that! I am glad that you back with your writing this week :) Have a great holiday!

  12. I am sure you will put together a fine feast for your family and the little one. Since the origin of “Indian” as in North Americans is “en dios” – or in God – I think we could say your kindergarten child is right in the larger sense. So darling.

    Regarding the “autumn leaf.” She was talking about the release long before the end came. She felt trapped and looked forward to whatever comes next and was okay with obliteration if that’s what it’s all about. She’d lead an amazing life. Among other things, she backpacked through Germany when Hitler was on the rise. Such a spunky little thing. An inspiration. Everyone respected her decision including her Buddist teacher. We do miss her though. Thanks for your kind words.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings to you and yours…

    I look forward eagerly to your next post. I know it will be as wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring as always.


    • Heart says:

      Thanks so much Jamie, I appreciate your encouragement! I think I switched off my computer just when you were writing to me on Wednesday, so I missed this one.. :(
      It is so amusing to read about your friend and her bravery and how dearly you write about her, as I already told you, I love how you give her a tribute, very moving.
      Thank you for the wishes, hope you had a great extended weekend! See you around soon!

  13. Hi Rachana! Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!! :) I’m not as cyncial as my blog my suggest… shhh… don’t tell!! LOL
    Have a beautiful holiday :)

    • Heart says:

      Hey Lisa, if you had not wrote to me before I checked your new post, I would have definitely thought of it as cynical.. Ha ha, just kidding, thanks for the wishes, hope you had an awesome weekend!! You should definitely write about it, will be interesting to hear how your TG actually turned out to be ;)
      Thanks for the wishes, I did have a great weekend!

  14. lesliepaints says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Rachana!!!!

    • Heart says:

      Leslie, it feels like it has been a while since we spoke, I know, I know, what, maybe just over a week ;)
      Ha ha, thanks for the wishes, I hope you had a wonderful holiday too!!!! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us, I mean eye candy! :D

  15. Hello Rachana,

    had to do the family thing for Thanksgiving and now I have some down time so I came on to check up with you. Happy belated-Thanksgiving!!! I’m interested in knowing what you and your family did yesterday :). How have things been for you? Looking forward to the new post coming up by you.

    Til’ next time,

    Mr. Mojo Risin

    • Heart says:

      Mojo, thanks for the wishes, and most importantly thanks for checking up on me!! How were the exams?? :) You want to know?! Ok, made a spicy Indian version of Eggplant and Potato Fried rice, fried some spinach and corn fritters and headed over to our friend’s house for a relaxed Thanksgiving Potluck lunch.. Tried a little bit of mashed Turkey curry and a desert with cranberries and strawberries and whipped cream among so much of other food.. Ha ha, I know, just too much of the bad stuff ;) Makes me hungry when I write this down again.. :)
      Hope you had a wonderful family time!! Too bad, now it is back to reality!

      • The exams all plan on hitting me on the same week, which should be next week or the week after so wish me luck then :). potato fried rice sounds good and I’d have to try eggplant to make a call but I’m sure it’s just as good. Had curry once, but I barely remember the taste, think I need a refresh on indian delicacies :). Hey, you got strawberries and cranberries in your desert, so it wasn’t ALL bad :).
        Yup, reality is here to bite me in the ass as I realize how much I still need to do before the end of the semester, ughhh.

        Have a great day tomorrow Rachana :).

        Mr. Mojo Risin

        (P.s. still waiting for a new post)

        • Heart says:

          Mojo, I remember how we would burn the midnight oil to stay up and catch up on the day’s gossip before every exam.. More gossip, less study was the order of the day er… night! Ha ha, sorry to set a bad example, but you just made me remember those exam days.. ;)
          And yes, as long as the fruits and veggies are there, I keep telling myself that all the whipped cream and the sugars are not too bad.. and that the good will negate the effects of the bad.. He he..

          • yeah, being good nor bad seems all that great, might as well live in the middle, haha kidding (but yeah dessert is not such a big deal). I leave the gossiping to the girls and ask them to not start that stuff up around me, hahaha. My nights before exams usually end in me stressing myself to a tense sleep, hahaha. Only if the final is in charge of making me or breaking me, if I have a solid A or B I hardly ever trip on the final. Once the semester is done I’m sure I will be on more regularly but til that time comes I’m mainly writing or reading something (unless I get over it, then I screw around, hahaha).

            • Heart says:

              I was giggling hysterically as I was reading this Mojo! Ok, now I will let you get back to your studies! Hint hint ;)

  16. Correction: I JUST now saw your new post from yesterday, hahah. Strange, I didn’t get alerted or have “new” next to subscriptions til just now when I checked again, very odd. I will check it out tomorrow when I have time.

    Mr. Mojo Risin

    • Heart says:

      I published the post at 9:30pm Sunday night EST, right around the time you commented on the post! So you are not late :)

      • Oh okay, THAT explains a lot, I will try my best to get to your new post tonight, if not I’ll jump on tomorrow morning where I won’t be as preoccupied :).

        • Heart says:

          As I said before, no hurry, as long as you are not throwing away your computer and running off, I am cool :D

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