Osama, hermit you are not.. Love Teresa

Mother Teresa
Mother’s Centennial

* * *

Dear Osama,

Even in this 21st century, with super fast technology, it took me a while to get in touch with you, and it has been partly because of your tight security and lack of information on the internet on where you are hiding, er, living.

It has been a stressful letter to write to, one that has been written with a lot of sadness in my heart, but I had to start somewhere and so here I am. Writing and rhetorical satires might not be a solution, but again, consider it a starting point.

In the iconographic world that you live in what do you see?

Death, Rape, Corruption, Hate, War, Massacre, Tyranny, Oppression, Horror, Lies, Work place violence, Domestic abuse, Abduction, Torture, Bullying, Baccha Baazi.

What are these actions, is this the world that you are living inside?

If grief and sorrow were a Global phenomenon, why are we all not united for a common cause?

Did you ask yourself once, why you never heard a kind word, why no one knocked on your door for a cup of sugar, or why you almost haven’t heard the giggles and the playful laughter of children around you?

What good came out of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the annihilation of Hiroshima, the Auschwitz concentration camps, The Ku Klux Klan, the Sudan-Darfur genocides and more recently – The 911, the Mumbai terror attacks, The Gaza strip and the Israeli conflict, the Mexican drug wars, Kim Jung II and his oppression, the Kashmir militants, the SriLankan Tamil Rebels, the Australian hate crimes. What has all this lead to? Who are these people who have time for all this?

The Ethnic violence, the Rebel groups, the Road side bombs, the Shot guns around the world. Be it big or small, what did any country achieve. what is the point of this rage?? It has only left us poorer, angrier and more desperate.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not holding you responsible for all the negativity on Earth. And I am not even looking for a miracle. I have not been able to eradicate poverty in my lifetime, all I am saying is, that did not deter me from helping the dying and destitute.

And about killing people, Nature has its own mantra, a formula it uses, when it deems necessary, to cut down the burden of caring for so many of us. The Indian Ocean Tsunami, the Katrina, the Sichuan earthquake, the Haiti earthquake, the Pakistan floods – Don’t you see a pattern??

It takes a lot of sacrifice, fear, hatred and tears to get to where you want to be. But have you gone out and sought pleasure in solving intriguing problems like Global warming, or manmade calamities like Dirty politics. There might be a thrill in putting others to shame for their mistakes and not being the bad guy for once.

If I had the kind of charm and pull as you did, I would do something for a living. Something else to earn the respect of people.

Osama, finally, I have to tell you the reason why I chose you, without which you might be skeptical of my long, thoughtful email. Agree or not, you, sadly, have come to represent what vile, disgust and terror stand for in the 21st century. Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. And I suspect you are a victim of such poverty.

Remember, no one deserves to die – like a stray dog. not even you! The one thing I pray for myself and everyone in the world was a decent burial, an honorable send off from this world. The child that you are shaping up to be a suicide bomber was just a few years ago listening to lullabies in his mother’s lap, the one that his mother wants to see have babies of his own, a life of his own. You might not be leaving her a choice in the name of religion and honor.

Look around, you don’t even need a Long Range Acquisition Sight to see the famine, the dried up tears, corpses, the depression and the defecation. Don’t you want to stop and thank life for the food on your plate, one cup of clean water to drink and the love of your family. Can you do something to help??

As they say, Charity begins at home. So, give your boys a tight squeeze and tell them how much you missed them! Do you know they live with fear of your association. ??

You can start by writing beautiful Urdu shayari inspired by the beautiful mountainous landscapes out from wherever you are living. and over tea, just imagine the face of a 5-year-old after you give up that symbolic shawl on your back. He will be grateful for that piece of cloth on him for the rest of his being.

As I told you, there is a reason why I chose you to ignite the fire of hope and love. Yes, there is. Come be their light!! Kill them with your kindness!!

God bless you.
Still bleeding from your atrocities.

* * *


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  1. Really well-written.. When I saw Tere Bin Laden, I thought to myself that had Osama seen the movie, he would laughed his socks off.. and when I read this post, I wondered if he would’ve been able to stop that tear..

  2. I appreciate your review, thanks so much! I have to check this movie out, another “gem” of Bollywood..?! ;)

  3. Touching and beautifully executed. I’m going to put a link to it in my post that goes up on Thursday.


  4. Your words are humbling, thank you very much! And to be a link on your website, it will be an honor!

  5. First time I’ve come across your page. Was quite the interesting post. Unlike most, you don’t seem to show any signs of hatred for anyone (How I saw it anyways), even for a man such as him. Great work on the post, it was very well written, eye-opening and in some context, uplifting. I do believe that the way we were raised or the area does play a role in how we grow, but it’s the individual’s choice as to how to deal with heartache, whether to take his road and bring pain onto those he doesn’t even know, or to fill it with hope as you represent.

  6. Could he possibly scoff and condemn this? Could he possibly avoid looking in the mirror? Bravo. Love the approach and the powerfully gentle plea.

  7. I come her from Jamie’s page…very touching and well-written my friend x

  8. who could read this and not be touched? not a dictator in the world…

  9. Thank you everyone, I am excited to see so many of you share the same perspective, my own world is a happier place because you said a few kind words and filled me with joy!!

    And I don’t want to forget Jamie, love you, thank you for your footage to my cause! SoulDipper, as you said, I pray too.. – “I pray that Osama combs the Internet and finds Mother Teresa’s letter to him. I pray that it positively transforms some aspect of his heart. ”


  10. Hello Rachana,

    Nope I never claimed to be special but hey, i feel we all have a unique quality about us, whether its physical, mental or what have you :) . No that is not me, that is in fact Jim Morrison, I’m too young and too alive to be that man, :) . I also appreciate the kind words you have said about my post, and thank you. Keep up the inspirational writing on your blog, I will be sure to keep stopping by.

    Sincerely, Mr. Mojo Risin.

    (P.S. I hope your son has a great upcoming birthday, may his special day be a great one (Afterall, he’s a lefty :) )

  11. Sorry, you never specified your childs gender, son OR daughter. My apologies.

  12. My heart goes to you- Beautiful One. Very well done.

  13. Jamie led me here…I am so happy to have met you. Beautiful spirit.

  14. prayers,

    remarkable piece.

  15. The Dead Line to Vote is Sunday or today,

    u r nominated, u win 1 vote automatically,
    if you vote for other bloggers, u win another vote…
    have fun!

  16. beautifully written n very touching…

  17. Beautifully moving, Rachana. You are a light in the world. Keep on shining!

  18. miss you on the spot…

    how are you?

  19. Thank you Hoiden and Naomi, it feels good to hear that my essay conveys the message it wanted to. Appreciate your comments!

    Jingle, messed up my blog subscriptions, then Peter from WP (btw, he is awesome!) helped me fix them today, then work, life, kids, allergies, exercise.. did I mention cooking, husband etc.. they all are keeping me super busy, I just wish there were 48 hours in a day sometimes, you know :)) Thanks, I have a thought in my head for a poem, but haven’t had the chance to submit, BUT even if I don’t submit, I will check out our lovely poets!! Their words are calming, making me feel that life isn’t so cruel after all.. ;) And all because, thanks to you :D
    Love and thanks for remembering me!

  20. Thank you, you touched my soul.

  21. Very well written. You have touched sooo many topics through this one post. The problem with the perception of Osama is that he is not hated by all. He is an idol for a lot of people who feel that someone has raised a voice against the western powers. Thats where he gets all his physical, mental and financial strength from. I believe just one thing – Religion was supposed to be a guide to a good and peaceful life. But now it has become the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. Very sad!!

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