An Affair with Vanity

* * *

The excitement is mutual, 
the passion contagious.
The play of his naughty hands, 
the smile on my lips.
The smell of his breath, 
the kiss on my feet.
The tingling down into his toes, 
the long black hair on my slithering spine. 
Smiles with the mirror in the morning, 

all make up for my vanity.

* * *


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  1. Isn’t vanity so blissful and erotic; without it reciprocity would be obsolete and desire void.

    Nice piece.

  2. lovely, sweet sounding and fluent ; well done

  3. Ever so true!

  4. Thank you all for your valuable opinions.. ! I am glad you enjoyed the piece.. Appreciate every click like it is a treasure..

  5. Hola. Hey i wanted to come by and thank you for commenting on my blog, very sweet of you. Plus i throw down my hat to you, this piece is beautifully written. Very nice work.

  6. Beautiful piece. Very, very beautiful. Keep it up! :)

  7. timeless piece!
    keep writing poetry.

  8. already, thanks a ton.

  9. I love this poem, and the quote is perfect! Nicely done.

    Mine is here.

  10. Beautiful words laid out for the invited soul…

  11. “I’m with a man who’s evolved enough to look at my body and see it as more beautiful, because of the journey it has taken and what it has created, He genuinely sees it that way. So I truly feel sexier.”

    …Good for you…It’s definitely a blessing to find someone of this caliber…That’s a nice piece of poetry you posted as well.

  12. wow… what a dreamy one Rachana..!! This is the 1st poem I picked (looking at your name) and it has set the mood for sure.. with winters approaching- Love’s really in the air.. :)

    I like the New Template- spacious.. Heart couldn’t be confided into a smaller space.. hehe

    Loads of Love- xxx

    • Thanks Olivia, ahem, so you liked the poem?! Good!! ;) I am sure you did, ha ha.. And most importantly, thanks for letting me know how you feel about my new site layout.. I am breaking my head wondering if my visitors like it or not.. :)) Thanks for your time!!!
      And loads of love to you too.. :D

  13. The poem is a lovely cascade – like a waterfall – down to the end point. Beautifully and truely written, Rachana. The quote is priceless.

    Thanks for a wonderful post. Happy potluck …

    • Thanks and same to you Jamie! I am happy that you liked the style of the poem.. Thanks for the feedback, as always it is priceless..!!
      The quote was written by a wonderful mom in a mommy forum that I was part of long time back.. I saved it, but never managed to save the name of the person that said it.. !! Needless to say, I love the way she embraces the love of her partner with those words…. I just love it!!

  14. Scent of my heart October 25, 2010 — 12:50 am

    Amazing post! Well done!

  15. Enjoyed it and the fact that you have the Mona Lisa there with her mysterious smile tops it off.

    • Thanks for your visit and your feedback.. I am glad you enjoyed it! In reality, for the longest time I was confused as to what would be a nice visual for the poem :))
      But, it is nice to know now, that the picture fits.. ! Thanks much.

  16. Nice dish for the Potluck.

  17. Killer last line. Crucial… much enjoyed.

    Warmest Salad

    Luke x

    (mine are here –

    To Ashes:
    Let Me:

    • Thanks for the review Luke! I see that there are a lot of similarities in how we write, ‘killer last line’, that is my writing style too :)) Ahhhh, but of course, my Indian roots and influences of English Lit!!
      Will be over at yours shortly! Thanks

  18. This is a very lovely poem…
    Love and Romance…portrayed so well…i love it.. :)

  19. beautiful poem, Heart! :) lovely read.. vanity can be erotically blissful too :D

    mine is here:

  20. Thanks for the compliment Leo, your version definitely has lot more action ;)
    Thanks for dropping by!

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