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* * *

The smile won’t leave my face.
The happiness in my heart won’t go away.

This day brings back all the days when I was a little girl, colors on my tiny hands, flowers in my pony tails.
Running around the neighborhood with a child like perception that every day was going to be filled with festivities.

Where are the sparrows I have to protect my Rangoli from?
The screams of joy or was it the sounds of bursting pataake?

Why did I never mind baking the crackers in the sun for weeks for only 2 hours of fun on that day!
The cold night, the snapshot of a favorite family moment, the sweetness of bataashas.

Do I miss that now, but can I trade places with where I am on this day?!
Relish and devour this evening my dear child,

For, all these fireworks on display are no match to the sparkles in your eyes!

* * *

Composed on: Sept 21st, ’09


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  1. Such a lesson that can be told as if by a much wiser, older being… I like this, thanks for sharing it.

  2. beautiful, sparks in the eye is the most remarkable to remember…
    well written piece.

    I feel the warmth and optimism in your words.

  3. Thanks for the support.
    Happy Tuesday…

    visit some poets would help you get more feedback…
    take your time…

  4. What a beautiful one Rachana.. I have been missing you for sometime- I have marked your Site now- will try to come more often..
    The vernacular words were even more beautiful to read. You actually reminded of he childhood fun on Festivals..!!
    What an apt poem while reading it during festivities again..!!

    Happy Potluck xoxox


    • Olivia, you are so talented and different! Of course in a good way :D, I am glad you enjoyed it my dear! Yes, it is the time of non stop festivities in India, and this is the time when I also miss family back there too much! Happy Navrathri :)

  5. Life through the eyes of a happy child – is anything sweeter? Wonderful poem!

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