My mental space

* * *

I went to bed yesterday wondering the answer to the question I asked in my previous blog was there staring at me while I was writing it? 

Is it the scarcity of physical or personal space in this world, and just lack of a little bit of time for your sane-self throughout the day, fueling the perpetual need to have some mental space for yourself? 

And that, in turn is translating into these innumerable blog sites all over the web. A craving for putting out all this unnecessary information out there in the public for everyone to see. I read about the daily activities of people that I know I will never ever see in my lifetime. :)

And curiosity sells.. Why do I have this need to know what the other person is doing, wearing, eating and most importantly feeling?

Well, until anyone lets me know what drives human psyche, I will retain this blog as my own mental space and keep writing out my life and its happenings here. :)

* * *

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